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Hotel SPA Faltom
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SPA regulations

SPA regulations

1. Please arrive 5 minutes before the appointment for the treatment.
2. Getting late for an appointment will cause a shorter treatment program.
3. Please inform SPA reception if you wish to cancel or change your appointment time.
4. Confirmed, individual treatments not cancelled before the planned visit will be charged 50% of their value.
5. All unused treatments included in SPA packages will be charged a 100% of their value.
    The customer is not entitled to a refund or other form of compensation.
6. If you haven't done so already when you made your reservations, please advise your masseuse/cosmetician
    of any health problems you might have or health conditions that might influence the treatment procedure.
    Guests with heart diseases should avoid sauna & hot/cold baths.
7. People under influence of alcohol or drugs, and those with infectious diseases, rashes on the skin or open wounds,
    can not use SPA treatments.
    A final decision is made Spa & Wellness Reception's worker or Spa & Wellness Manager.
8. We recommend:
- avoid sunbathing before and after the treatments
- avoid eating a large meal before the treatments
- relax at least 1 hour after warming treatments
9. SPA Centre is not responsible if for any jewellery or valuables taken to the SPA area.
10. In SPA & Wellness area please do not:
- smoke
- bring and consume a food or alcohol
- use a cell phone
- behave loudly
- disturb in any way other guests relax
11. Confirming a treatment means acceptance of these terms & conditions.
12. Sie können eine Massage swap oder Therapie nur dann, wenn festgestellt dokumentiert Krankheiten.
13. Personen unter 18 Jahren können SPA-Leistungen in Anspruch nehmen und nur mit Zustimmung der Eltern oder Erziehungsberechtigten im SPA bleiben.
14. Das Hotel behält sich das Recht vor, eine Behandlung/Massage für Personen mit sichtbaren Infektionssymptomen wie Husten, Schnupfen, Fieber etc.


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