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Hotel SPA Faltom
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Safety rules COVID-19

Security procedures implemented at the SPA Faltom Hotel

Reception desk:
1.    The use plexiglass covers on the reception desk and didinfection of hands by reception staff.
2.    Regular disinfection of the reception desk, room cards, terminals and other surfaces used by guests and staff.
3.    Maximum reduction of the time of guests staying at the reception desk.
4.    Access to disinfectant for guests at the reception and in the reception hall.

Hotel room:
1.    Disinfection of furniture, door handles, fittings and other devices and equipment in the room.
2.    Providing hand sanitizers in the halls.
3.    The use of protective masks and disposable gloves by employees of the housekeeping department.
4.    Daily cleaning of the rooms only on request.
5.    It is forbidden to stay in the hotel of unregistered persons.
6.    Dryers are not allowed in the rooms.

Public spaces:
1.    Thorough disinfection of common areas and public toilets.
2.    Regular disinfection of elevators.
3.    Disinfectants available in public areas.

Aqua Centrum:
According to the sanitary guidelines for the operation of swimming pools and saunas during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in Poland, the following rules apply to the Aqua Centrum Hotel Faltom in addition to the regulations:

1.    It is recommended to keep a distance of 2 meters in the pool basin.
2.    The sauna can be used by a maximum of 15 people at the same time, and the duration of stay is a maximum of 15 minutes.
3.    In the jacuzzi, it is recommended to keep a distance of 2 meters, and the duration of stay is a maximum of 15 minutes.
The hotel staff has the right to regulate the length of stay in the sauna and jacuzzi.

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